Yeah this isn’t really what I was looking for, but it was still great none-the-less.
@NikkeiAsia Japan got that NFF technology, Non-Fungible Fruit
♻️ The submissive reader, 1928 #belgianart #magritte https://t.co/2FrqsBCUZb
@thechaz But humans can reneg that, and we do, by extending our memories into our own creative constructions (like computers, which we should consider just as natural as nature’s randomly/selfishly generated neurons).
♻️ How many families pass Natan Sharansky’s “town square test” of a free society? Are our children free to speak their mind wit…
@thechaz Evolution was like, no on “84TB a year”
Enjoying an old podcast, looking for creative help with relationships and multi-cultural “child raising” (for lack of a better term, that sounds so controlling, like a plant 🪴) https://t.co/qpdI7SmRkI The Creative Power of Monogamy with @ReachChristofer and @FitzClaridge
@thechaz There’s no final “True” of infinity is real (which it is), so the process of storing knowledge itself is an infinitely improvablw process regardless of the format or method.
@thechaz Not convinced by my own interpretation/explanation. here, but recently I’ve been chewing on this: https://t.co/jh56YWzBFV
@thechaz We do have access to “ultimate (all of) reality,” but it’s not described in terms of finite abstractions, it’s described in terms of counterfactuals/propositions which must be improved infinitely—and that’s knowledge growth. It’s the opposite of ossification.
Intestinal bacteria could be behind Japan's low COVID deaths, study says | The Japan Times Oh yeah, I’ve heard this one before. Must be the Natto. Let’s open up the borders and test that theory. https://t.co/lhTylViihv
@codybaldwin Passable, highly passable!
How are investors responding to Beijing’s crackdown on Chinese tech firms? By pouring more money into them https://t.co/LyMsU1o89p
The submissive reader, 1928 #belgianart #magritte https://t.co/2FrqsBCUZb
Japan says no damage to nuclear power plants, or any other electric/gas infrastructure, following a tsunami warning… https://t.co/WemQtnkeRP
Cats in a room filled with rocking chairs. https://t.co/bMXpif02X7
Why does it take longer to get invested in new fictional characters these days? Feels like that’s why there’s so mu… https://t.co/TTKS79fDvG
What’s up bro say somethin else say somethin else then bro https://t.co/lZ4y2EgkTY
BREAKING: All of the hostages have been released safely after a day-long standoff at a synagogue in Texas, accordin… https://t.co/drJEhWPdae
You cannot be committed to creating an open financial system for the world if you're feeding retail investors garba… https://t.co/xoKrzPtwEI
Great piece https://t.co/o6JjNz0Qox
Thoughts are lossy compressed reality based representations.
@gladstein Now do TRON. Then look at volumes. There are a lot of weird incentives contributing to US-based stable… https://t.co/5nSOj8u8Jz
On Jan 15, the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano produced 200,000 lightning events in a single hour. By comparison,… https://t.co/fFKjnvpIgA
Post-apocalypse stories are captivating because everyone is finally free.
So the more bank/govt friendly, more corporate-compliant stablecoin is winning on ETH. Not a great sign for people… https://t.co/eEQ79iNL2J
Gm. Do not forget everything we have built so far was without presale / ICO / IDO or VC rounds.
BIDEN-KISHIDA | VIRTUAL SUMMIT U.S. President Joe Biden will meet virtually on Friday with Japanese Prime Minister… https://t.co/Uc2ybrbRs4
It's been a while since I've seen anyone try to push the line that NFTs are good for or leveling the playing field… https://t.co/1dUO9UchFv
Taproot and new additional opcodes are now active on the #LiquidNetwork as of block 1663200, opening the door for c… https://t.co/mMsT9v7mu4
Yes. Bitcoin fixes this. https://t.co/JAv6cYqWQ7
Why people are piling into large risky variable mortgages to buy inflated homes: (Variable mortgage rate: 1.7%) -… https://t.co/DgNYaK0N8W
Ngl, getting pretty good at making bagels. https://t.co/zSqMphYpP5
Maybe it's just me but it would have been easier just to mop up https://t.co/jsHvAbsaCp