@prerationalist Word. The thing with optical illusions is, if one is imaginative enough to guess that things aren't what they seem, rather than MAKING me experience something false, why not just explain what's right, first. "See, evidence you're stupid," is the worst anti-science empiricism.
Cool, may run out of people to run it by 2030, though, the way things are looking here right now. https://t.co/Em1uJ46ndr
'Does anyone really find it satisfactory to espouse freedom while simultaneously justifying locking children in a classroom doing things they hate and giving them ‘detention’ for speaking disrespectfully to a teacher forcibly preventing them leaving?' https://t.co/8DPiRTCAba https://t.co/ZxrjltuLi3
He’s already figured out on his own that letters are symbols, but hasn’t connected the set of symbols that makes up the alphabet with sounds.
Need more resources/tools for Isamu to teach himself how to read. I already noticed this thing I remember where I was resentful of my mom because she had all the answers and knowledge already while she tried to teach me. No apps, phone isn’t a source of fun already, I think.
♻️ AGRICULTURE | JAPAN's HIGH-END BRANDS Farmers across Japan have more than tripled the number of registered brands of frui…
All my favorite games are “roguelikes,” but I never got the name. https://t.co/BoC2D1arij
This guy reportedly kept a french fry in his mouth for the entire 1.5 hr flight so he wouldn’t have to wear a mask… https://t.co/5p4ZdLjNXb
👀 Definitely interested in the backlash against crypto — it doesn’t seem the crypto community has been able to sw… https://t.co/LQXa0hO6Kv
Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy is developing a new nuclear reactor that can quickly adjust power output and offset fluctu… https://t.co/Jv6GT5uq17
do you ever feel like your brain is in the belly of a big steamship? https://t.co/lTwXhVzjKj
NWA intro, so many great young (and old) actors, rewatching for the first time in a long time: "F Mike Tyson, Mike… https://t.co/rk6xQvUS0A
Scott Calvin is looking to retire and he's looking for his replacement. https://t.co/VGCJukdJmx
Both "Drive My Car" and "Parasite" feature unique styles and novel forms of cinematic language while addressing uni… https://t.co/DvhTQNWlPO
terrifying news to hear that a dfw area temple is being held hostage. it feels like the tide turns to more and mor… https://t.co/8McvIhfJSS
We have gathered a small bounty for someone to fork https://t.co/qyrK0uG8Eq and make it work as a #nostr client. T… https://t.co/ko0Wu8FWg6
Google Maps No Longer Top App for Navigation and Offline Maps: https://t.co/ILGHtKqyNn Comments: https://t.co/5vGEZN3LB1
Basically: the new problem is seen as familiar, and they use what they learned solving previous problems, to try to… https://t.co/kURoxwGniQ
What westerners think India is like vs. what it's actually like. Contrast the Ascending vs. the Descending world –… https://t.co/QurgRU1GgZ
#Kazakhstan crisis is only one threat hanging over the #uranium market😟⚛️⛏️ A global crunch in #nuclear fuel is dr… https://t.co/tiSBdNxB7W
One step closer to solving the organ shortage crisis? https://t.co/QzPMY2iFbK
AGRICULTURE | JAPAN's HIGH-END BRANDS Farmers across Japan have more than tripled the number of registered brands… https://t.co/rnztEEaB9P
Adulation of space, 1928 #surrealism #renemagritte https://t.co/4Yhx9EzTk6
MakerDAO governance discussion of recovering 10M DAI from Optimism escrow to a user who accidentally burned it https://t.co/hiaAEjNk1V
This is a copypasta, no actual call took place. What is wrong with you people
Netflix has increased the price for its monthly plans, with the standard plan for U.S. users now costing $15.49 a m… https://t.co/G0rHoLx3tt
Roguelikes: The Misnamed Genre: https://t.co/AcOA5Up6Su Comments: https://t.co/tHHUhLAZvf
@geoddo https://t.co/aRKFqdByjh
Just had a call with someone who founded a top 20 crypto protocol and came away really impressed. He shared with m… https://t.co/eSsloTj1ro
The highest grossing movie from your birth year is how your 2022 will play out
Sony sent me a copy of The Daily Bugle today and it is AMAZING! https://t.co/ZXujEyCfcf
'Sleep on it' is the boringest best advice.
@sentimentrader I wonder how much of this is driven by retail traders. Mostly younger investors who got rich chasin… https://t.co/2CoD2yVCPK
Even though it's not *necessarily* bad, it's a hallmark of an environment that has often turned from healthy to unh… https://t.co/uLAzD8RoZd
Rallies are being met with less enthusiasm, while investors are becoming more pessimistic with (almost) each subseq… https://t.co/GOudBkQwyl
We don't like to be knee-jerks. Or any other kind of jerks. Healthy markets need participants to become more and m… https://t.co/RxiVXUYa8J
The knee-jerk impression is that this is a bullish contrarian signal. While other spikes didn't necessarily coinci… https://t.co/fqCHlvw5pI
So this is interesting. As selloffs have gotten shallower and shallower, traders have become more and more anxious… https://t.co/kvekpeaD0O
A Guy Made a Portable Replacement for 60000$ Vo2max Machine: https://t.co/IA2t4A65qY Comments: https://t.co/dRsdExXlXs
https://t.co/PV85G7czxQ https://t.co/dKrbzofWDZ
Btw Binance says SOL is congested and FTX says BNB is congested lol https://t.co/tqYqH3NZ1H
Nice moment. https://t.co/5PAxqt4CjH
@TylerHewlett2 I'd def get emotional if I saw Peter and Gwen swinging together like this tho-- like, this panel in… https://t.co/ni94DakHEp