@vgr 😂 It was the end of the beginning of OK times
Huh, just ran into the "Kiki / Bouba Effect" Funny, in Japanese きき(Kiki) means, like, emergency or crisis. Bouba, has less meaning depending on the context, but still. https://t.co/WvPzv3vFEI https://t.co/pMF2ndNELD
@rocket_fuel_ @pourteaux @panekkkk @johndavies24 Doesn’t matter, if the goal is “endemic,” then you’ve already admitted you can’t solve the problem. Universal vaccine ASAP or GTFO. Learn to dream again.
@vgr Ya are we about to make twitter conscious with this thread tho?
@vgr Misread that as pickles first. What about pickles, tho. They’re also pretty kiki flavor wise but pretty bouba like…as a thing without flavor.
♻️ bourbaki is a bouba collection of kiki mathematicians
"Every kind of totalitarian movement in the west has been assisted if not inspired by bad ideas in Plato" https://t.co/SU1hCmPzZ4
Pickle Rick is a failed attempt at bouba-kiki transcendence. Rick is kiki, Pickle Rick starts out unstable bouba, b… https://t.co/VozpO50Wqr
@vgr Bouba/Kiki is Hegelia. Bouki is “boner” in Japanese.
@codybaldwin @pourteaux @panekkkk @johndavies24 Are you familiar with Marek's disease, by any chance? Would you l… https://t.co/sXPbgNOzYZ
♻️ @ako_minpo 私も欲しいよ〜 このお金使えば? https://t.co/2UqjZFreca
🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 House 🕯 Market… https://t.co/lLlL686j3x
i cannot imagine a scenario in which i am a millionaire and also choose to visit a high school for any reason
@vgr https://t.co/40GiWTqalj
bourbaki is a bouba collection of kiki mathematicians
all my twitter friends are just trying to live forever via pharmaceuticals
Rationality and postrationality are both kiki but metarationality is bouba
Epistemic is kiki, ontological is bouba. This whole metaphysics is really coming together now 🤯 https://t.co/UUT92FRbUE
Pickle Rick is a failed attempt at bouba-kiki transcendence. Rick is kiki, Pickle Rick starts out unstable bouba, b… https://t.co/VozpO50Wqr
President Joe Biden's plan to beef up IRS enforcement and snoop on Americans' bank accounts will require hiring mor… https://t.co/jdADxNRQfH
2011 and 2021 go hard https://t.co/fRKDvjGrYt
i had completely forgotten about this hellish interaction https://t.co/ZECdRD7357
Don't drink the crypto kool-aid. If you've made money in the Crypto Bubble, take your profits to #Bitcoin (Latinum… https://t.co/Zx1etcn4Nr
This popular 2014 clip by YouTube's EatsTooMuchJam undoubtedly falls in the category don't try at all (not only at… https://t.co/kzAbXRVkiW
This scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home is still one of my Spidey moments primarily cuz of its implications. He w… https://t.co/e1Vo05cbim
This is a long pattern now. Rather than continue using their dollar surpluses to keep buying US Treasuries and fina… https://t.co/g60VgF80ER
Not everyone you care about, cares about you. https://t.co/iu2QizkZvs
One thing I love about Replit vs GitHub: the default form is running code, not just source code files.
@CryptoHermetic @hugohanoi @TuurDemeester Sure and if that 1MB cap applies, blocks will be much larger, perhaps 15 times larger
@hugohanoi @TuurDemeester > Bitcoin's growth is linear, while Ethereum's is non-linear The ETH blocksize growth ra… https://t.co/uXL9gz8LJs
@TuurDemeester @BitMEXResearch (1) When dealing with growth, what's important is not the current data size, but _ra… https://t.co/zHomy1MZr3
time for some seasonal decor https://t.co/AuRiPu4KuV
No wallet has better privacy and routing, infinitely better scaling technology, more complete suite of on-chain fea… https://t.co/Tb1bD3Srpr
Is ZeroHedge ok? https://t.co/WPM2jr1gCN
I don't normally RT my own tweets, but this scam is off the hook right now. Just had a good friend and security exp… https://t.co/TNfFQCEioc
The Black Brunswicker, 1860 #millais #johneverettmillais https://t.co/FcdFgt0uqr
Upgrade your brain with The Beginning of Infinity and The Fabric of Reality. Listen to @ToKTeacher podcasts alongs… https://t.co/KUaJrStEdt
I present the #Bitcoin S2F Cross Asset Spiral based on @100trillionUSD's Cross Asset Model, but incorporating block… https://t.co/WCB7orl7B3
Earrings, 1891 #williambouguereau #bouguereau https://t.co/qaIl2abb88