@pourteaux Pumped on the inflation wars of, I dunno, whenever, but it's gonna happen.
Just discovered there’s actually HND domains on Namecheap now, like, what?!
@vgr I mean, Bitcoin is fun, too. Lightning, statechains and liquid, stacks (I mean I wouldn’t use it but I’m sure it’s fun). And it’s all super cheap. Plus Bitcoin just got a real upgrade, promise fulfilled (taproot). Create the shelling point if you can’t find it, that’s fun, too.
@vgr As with anything, the human trait of being goaded by the spirit of hierarchy can get in the way of seeing the best way to solve a problem. There’s lots of fun places out of sight to find people taking new weird and fun ideas seriously: https://t.co/I6lzz9AEB7
Great listen! Mention of @DavidDeutschOxf !! 🙌 would LOVE to hear him on your show @lexfridman (see also: https://t.co/w9Itp1VMh9 ) would literally pay for it! https://t.co/AaWBLWVQPJ
🤔 Quantum entanglement says that even if there is an object that exists in many instances in many universes, if it is not fungible, it MUST also contain information about which versions of itself it can interact with (touch, per say). Information that disparate quarks share.
The difference between coercion and persuasion https://t.co/C5wb59TGxw
@codybaldwin Hey Cody! Yes, we do support Handshake Domains @Namecheap You can check the available HNS TLDs and re… https://t.co/65Ng7UnaqX
I’m sure bitcoin is technically capable of going most places newer chains are, but my skepticism of it is now prima… https://t.co/E83mMgpYRG
@codybaldwin @ry_gust Ahh , that’s what that means . Bunch of forced change because it seems good on paper and makes some people feel good?
2017: “btc fees are too high, we need s2x and bch” 2021: “btc fees are too low to maintain security after the block… https://t.co/6aRljq6GFK
every community should control their own software
Periodic reminder that anyone who tells you this is lying to you and you should never take them seriously again https://t.co/m5mp6SB2oO
I’m hitting pause on more serious experiments for now. Beginning to understand why gas problem is a rate limiter. I… https://t.co/MbYv2v9EzU
@JapanNoContext うしろ https://t.co/OQLkiPM8o6
Hard days coming for those NFT kids #NFT https://t.co/2QRv07eyj8
I’m sure bitcoin is technically capable of going most places newer chains are, but my skepticism of it is now prima… https://t.co/E83mMgpYRG
JAPAN ECONOMY | BOJ chief sees Japan at pre-COVID level in 1st half 2022 https://t.co/i5AD8HLnsp #COVID19 #coronavirus #vaccine
@SomsenRuben @nopara73 A bit random, but Adam Gibson (waxwing) had some reservations about that taproot LSAG-style… https://t.co/QOllXLzwSM
@TheBlueMatt @nopara73 Well, this gets easier if we attach UTXO proofs to node announcements, not channels. But it'… https://t.co/PMJi7A44jb
@nopara73 Open question how announcements will work post-taproot, though. eg could replace the point with a ring-si… https://t.co/5qucbIZZcp
@JeremyRubin @rusty_twit @nopara73 Ah, misread. No, you have to do eg the monero approach for ring-sigs or the zcas… https://t.co/Ql53MM799f
gm is the hello world of web3 https://t.co/Kytq2I6Ffn
The first P2TR output worth more than ₿1 has been created. https://t.co/VLJaaqNNj7
@GailSimone @GailSimone 👀 https://t.co/xPUZ5s6WP9
Had the simulation continued, presumably there would have been a Sekigahara-like battle near modern-day Kobe.
Review: Netflix's live-action Cowboy Bebop is worth your time. https://t.co/HmSIukWEeC
Oh, man, what if Dr.Strange had a hat. Fucking WHAT IF.
The Sengoku Japan simulation has concluded! Here is a map of Japan as of April 1590. The Date were in first place… https://t.co/b5RhICpxBK
Ikiru 2: Rebirth https://t.co/lRLZVPpJE1
@rotch Personally pumped for the Mac & Me Cinematic Universe. https://t.co/ytzEEZGvzO
🎅 Introducting #SecretSatsa 🎁🎄 This holiday season, spread some love by spreading sats! 🧡 Treat yourself and othe… https://t.co/MFxU1VH29J
@quantian1 @natbaker @Jesse_Livermore amazing stick figure https://t.co/3VDPWawOE4
The Lantern Bearers, 1908 #parrish #symbolism https://t.co/BSjs97Idjf
Gas, 1940 https://t.co/3NkkTHa7zv #americanart #hopper https://t.co/LzzgRHWPmD
Mental complacency, 1950 #surrealism #renemagritte https://t.co/RCg4eNHpEZ