Why does brain size have to do with anything? We don't know how consciousness works and yet we're real quick to associate brain size with..anything? Most likely explanation, IMO: consciousness could be implemented WAY more efficiently than evolution did. https://t.co/36l8cZ0WbB
Friend of mine from college's album: https://t.co/dY1gmZhcTR
♻️ When Lana Del Rey is singing about her father on her new album, always reminded that he made his fortune from domain name…
@BitcoinErrorLog They beat you guys to “Meta”, eh?
I’m actually not sure it has been. I can’t think of a single time it helped me understand something more or better. https://t.co/UZP1UENTWq
@BitcoinErrorLog @codybaldwin Guess not haha https://t.co/Rm4A58lkOc
@codybaldwin no way in hell that name would have passed thru legal. FB probably spent a year or two and millions lo… https://t.co/80Uq8oLH0d
New version is available now - v0.2.44! 🚀 - Upgrade Electrum Server to v0.9.1 - Upgrade @thunderhubio to v0.12.30… https://t.co/2spyWlZ0Ph
evergreen https://t.co/Yft1ZH4yS8
Ethereum is for scammers. https://t.co/gMINZzjPY1
Representation, 1962 https://t.co/IxOPOrfr2k #belgianart #renemagritte https://t.co/tNaPNm9aFg
@DanDarkPill Holy shit. I have literally never cared to figure out how those worked before now. Holy shit. Literall… https://t.co/Fe3twyR5tw
@ARTJEDI1 can't do that . flash loans have to be returned in the same transaction (block)
Ok so netting this out: - This wasn't a real sale - This wasn't an exploit either - No one made money - They probab… https://t.co/62FhWl5uMm
Here's the payment for the punk, punk transfer, and return of the money in red, I think https://t.co/Zm9ZkJR2a0 https://t.co/94D1tWI6Si
Quick look: - Punk was put up to sale by contract A - Contract B takes out a massive flashloan and buys punk from c… https://t.co/iQrNVQ1fCS
@laurashin @NeerajKA @inversebrah
There are few scams as ignominious as the "meme coins". 1. A handful of insiders acquire control of most/all the to… https://t.co/TJOcVzSUuf
Suddenly realizing I’ve never explicitly thought the thought “how can I be helpful to others?” I mean I try to he… https://t.co/Bpum28pHed
💥 @MariahDuran_ with a bangin’ Hardflip! @Visible https://t.co/o4lZU6xR4e
When Lana Del Rey is singing about her father on her new album, always reminded that he made his fortune from domai… https://t.co/yJg8sKyEYj
Currently staring at this staggering chart of consumer prices in the UK from 1271 - 2007 from @BichlerNitzan:… https://t.co/R4iOKJNNl8
Not revealing an IP address can be a downside too, because senders have to rely on route hints to find you if you'r… https://t.co/ssoFEmYy2y
A new study says that great white sharks bite people because they mistake us for seals. https://t.co/kldVWEz5Jr
@codybaldwin no way in hell that name would have passed thru legal. FB probably spent a year or two and millions lo… https://t.co/80Uq8oLH0d
"Due to these efficiencies, we anticipate observing an increase in the Company’s hash rate and productivity through… https://t.co/SpPi1Avk96
VOTER TURNOUT | JAPANESE ELECTION Many young Japanese are expected to skip voting in this Sunday's general electio… https://t.co/4ldEZmolgu
Holy shit, we finally have a name for the wallet! It'll be some months before we release this product, but it has… https://t.co/1E06IKige8
The Aurora Tree: a visual coincidence between the dark branches of a nearby tree and bright glow of a distant auror… https://t.co/Wx0un4IH2M
Reclining nude, 1925 #belgianart #renemagritte https://t.co/OJrNtbkVFA
Adults take Halloween way too seriously
1905 is called Albert Einstein's annus mirabilis, because of the four papers that shook the foundations of modern p… https://t.co/T5S2TW7fcS
freezing my tiddies off at a backyard screening of Let the Right One In 😇😇😇 https://t.co/Ij7y6Wev41
A Rant About Treasury Repo I've kept this bottled up for a long time. 1/
📈 #Bitcoin $BTC Futures Contracts 24h Volume just reached a 4-month high of $706,428,967.47 on #Bitflyer Previous… https://t.co/QgeIm9ew1m
It took a while and I had to do a little soldering but built two of these bad boys. Now that it's up and running I… https://t.co/KYMD9raHlr
Confirmed: Another social worker bought Bitcoin! Hacking broken PSLF program one orange pill at a time.
🙌 Tiago Lemos & @Mannyslaysall break down what they’re working with in the @skater_xl Course Preview! https://t.co/XwWDf3UKt0
End of rant. If I've gotten anything wrong please tell me. And if you want to share repo info with me, my DMs are open. /END
According to big dealers whose research we get, it was either -0.70% or -1.00% or -1.50%, and my team heard as low… https://t.co/gyxPRn8iCk
And so when, from time to time, it gets interesting, it's more difficult than it should be to report on how and why… https://t.co/z4JgyqU96M
But the repo rates for the newest securities are nowhere to be found. Of course dealers have them, and we can usual… https://t.co/9jSbVMslpa
Since there seems to be growing confusion on this: I have nothing to do with anything that FB is up to involving th… https://t.co/I26DCzq5Tb
Why is bitcoin inherently volatile? https://t.co/Lowz4xHurl https://t.co/uOVdoVzG7n
including mentions of Brakhage, Markopoulos, Mekas, Warhol and more, we are thrilled to finally share a very specia… https://t.co/JXT7uvivEH
Maxfield Parrish, The Century Poster, August 1897 https://t.co/VU0ABv01UO #maxfieldparrish #americanart https://t.co/WxtrAPUWpN