@vgr @codybaldwin Faith & religion are not the same thing. Faith is faith. Religion is the set of behaviors and r… https://t.co/sDEZ51jjGU
@atdotrob @vgr "Faith is faith"? What does that mean? They both rely on /not/ criticizing _something_ A couple of suggested good rules to replace faith and religion in a communal setting: 1. No one gets the final say 2. No one has personal authority via: https://t.co/f5miLzqhuK
https://t.co/3olBHtqdRJ The General Index consists of 3 tables derived from 107,233,728 journal articles. Lots of data, but how to find the most useful explanations in them.
♻️ Huge demand for more efficient cooling systems and a comment by Elon Musk has Daikin Industries working overtime on what it…
Yes taking profit is great, but have you ever tried to reinvest it in building an unstoppable comms layer, free and… https://t.co/AptRUbv2i0
Tell me you don’t understand #bitcoin without telling me you don’t understand #bitcoin https://t.co/dXwH7CIwD1
People have reached out with 10 more countries suffering from double-digit inflation. This brings the total living… https://t.co/XCz1vJ3lWZ
Call me old fashioned, but I think Japan’s upcoming general election on Sunday deserves more coverage from major me… https://t.co/O9DfYXArzT
imagine having to explain being a litecoin miner to literally anyone
Cypherpunks vs. greedy venture capitalists. https://t.co/tmjTsrhbsF
NRA Accuses 'Rust' Producers Of Endangering Crew By Not Giving Everyone Guns https://t.co/Lt50N48CDT https://t.co/O8y0imBZ8f
@NathanTankus Funny how the crypto crew is into a lot of theories these days that were very popular among normie-le… https://t.co/1CC9dOVqRl
This is a fantastic @nathantankus post on the myth (which is popular in the crypto world) that the US invaded Iraq… https://t.co/9elhll9RTD
The Sun, 1916 #expressionism #norwegianart https://t.co/Q7RMI42BFs
Lucian Freud @artistfreud #lucianfreud #followart https://t.co/mtrLualKzu
1/ @Mov_sanisidro artist and @LatinGRAMMYs nominee Maykel Osorbo is entering his third day of hunger strike demandi… https://t.co/QvHeMyJld8
This tax would have affected just 700 people https://t.co/GmaU8Lm4E0 https://t.co/dXzT85vvch
@TuurDemeester simplicity is gonna strike out the last one.
Atwood's Law: “Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.” https://t.co/jssqp84p6O
What are those dots between Saturn's rings? Our Earth & Moon. Just about 5 years ago, because the Sun was temporari… https://t.co/lISFjWoS1R
The Tokyo Stock Exchange plans to extend the trading day by 30 minutes, the first change to cash equity trading hou… https://t.co/ADtXA0FIqY
Huge demand for more efficient cooling systems and a comment by Elon Musk has Daikin Industries working overtime on… https://t.co/ns5Arf65Lt
Spider-Man PS4 by @dike_ruan #SpiderMan https://t.co/okNkDudTXe
Researchers have shown that an extinction event 360 million years ago, that killed much of the Earth's plant and fr… https://t.co/Cd9nqtQxw1
The armadillo girdled lizard is a species of lizard in the family Cordylidae and its size can range from 7.5 to 9 c… https://t.co/oDHYF9qqpW
This algorithm can reconstruct an audio by analyzing minute vibrations of objects depicted in a video. In this expe… https://t.co/c643qYvfsz
This is still one of the most impressive time lapse videos of a SpaceX Falcon 9 first-stage landing: this happened… https://t.co/bVaSRTw0u8
@Sureshsinghn That's the biggest drawback of eCash. There is no record of who sent/received the money. Great for p… https://t.co/c8O9l1pqhD
Nice summary👍A few more points: - eCash *can* theoretically support flexible denominations (it doesn't currently) -… https://t.co/y8O8iBAUdT
Blockstream eCash vs CommerceBlock Mercury statechain (thread): Similarities: 1. Both use standard denominations 2… https://t.co/rxvOWS2Vd8
Container lines say large national US retailers won't be getting off the hook for new LA-LB port 'emergency fees.'… https://t.co/d3yEV5gH9s
No inflation without representation.
I had no idea who Timothee Chalamet was until yesterday (I'm going to assume he's Kyle MacLachlan's son), but helpe… https://t.co/QtkdNj3r5M
We can no longer ignore the climate crisis. It's time to stop making excuses and start making changes! Let's tak… https://t.co/GSi42D8ciX
Over time, the intensity of Bitcoin’s carbon emissions will decline and the network can provide value to billions o… https://t.co/GVaJwdDeAL