TBH when I heard about the Unrealized Gains bill my first thought was how to game it to get reimbursed for losses during the bear cycle and then hold through the bull cycle, only claim losses long term. https://t.co/zFYWaLoDFK
Dreams are messages from the deep
@MJWarshauer Jeeeeezus
Best Japanese seasonal flavor is sweet potato 🍠 ✋👇 https://t.co/uS4t4UdCVu
@vgr “Technological surrender” is an oxymoron ?
@vgr Wow, your jargon-fu is incredible. 🤩 I see what you mean, now. Interesting. Maybe Bitcoin maxis are surrendering since it’s apathetic to the rising tide (uranium/nuclear). And not forward thinking enough to see how fusion disrupts the comforting incentives. TF is “dynamic hay
@vgr (Because technology is just another name for knowledge [eg we are mostly just bio-tech on a water substrate, consciousness aside], and knowledge isn’t a perpetual motion machine, so surrender is at best [relative to goal] suicide, and at worst Darwinism [oops you did it again])
@vgr I’d say that isn’t faith, because they’re your friends you have a good /explanation/ for why they’re your “friend” (in quotes not for scare quotes but b/c this is the example). Faith isn’t about explanations, it’s about not needing/wanting an explanation.
♻️ Conceptual frameworks are like programming languages. Most ideas can be expressed in all of them (and often are). Stil…
@vgr Also, isn’t this just “faith.” Faith is more acceptable than surrender, but it’s more or less a synonym epistemologically. Tangentially related is the question of where institutions fit in this: https://t.co/X8Aq3HxTuU
@codybaldwin Yes possibly. I don’t quite understand the religious sense of faith. At human scale it’s just validate… https://t.co/zCwOb8ivFi
@codybaldwin I see no paradox https://t.co/1i6bcKYWWu
no seinfeld episode has ever started off this good https://t.co/vwTEqwgKaR
this movie has poisoned a whole generation https://t.co/p3LYIklJ4l
Sign of the times: Beijing's craft beer Homebrewer's Society was snitched on and shut down for being, and I kid you… https://t.co/CuygiQcAuR
16/18 As Bitcoin gets more and more used these kinds of attacks will make more sense and will give a better return… https://t.co/QOqQ4AisDS
Amnesty International says it is shutting its Hong Kong offices because of threat to staff safety posed by national security law - @AFP
.@zackfox https://t.co/6hzQ19plDs
Seriously, Vegetable Soup Trauma is a real thing. Watch, I'll ruin like, twenty 50-something's workday: https://t.co/YhdMfPvxu4
Electric Company walked so that Vegetable Soup could explode when it broke the bonds of gravity https://t.co/s4OUTjfM5j
i somehow made a #kajam game during exam week https://t.co/siPmNvfDDJ https://t.co/xHUwKftze8
Gaming CEO Kristian Segerstrale called on leaders in his industry to take action on climate change, saying in an in… https://t.co/Cq4KoLfika
Georgia and I are getting reacquainted https://t.co/m2hCZ0CRVf
Tesla’s stock closed Monday up more than 12% on the day, giving the company a market value of $1.03 trillion. Apple… https://t.co/EULXw7KHg5
@HaileyLennonBTC @stephendpalley Courts seem like an exceedingly stupid place to try to assert that code is law. Se… https://t.co/6UC5Sj3Ke3
@codybaldwin https://t.co/cyYHMhqhrZ
Blue Origin unveiled plans to develop a commercial space station called "Orbital Reef." https://t.co/2DCGPGUA4H
i'm still holding out for a Dune movie that looks like the classic covers https://t.co/WCuRcMFpn8
The left has not offered a surrender option since the 60s (hippie/dropout culture). This is why it struggles everyw… https://t.co/KrQJX6ndKP
This is a satisfying theory and explains why charismatic cult leader types only ever attract a minority of idiot tr… https://t.co/iZ75VDmicr
@codybaldwin I see no paradox https://t.co/1i6bcKYWWu
Surrender to technological serendipity is what we usually call a network effect. An unbounded nonlinear upside dyna… https://t.co/tQCevHcpCy
Nice try, Zuckerberg, but Facebook will always be for 80 year olds who see a post that says “name a bird” and reply… https://t.co/VY9DeywOlm
★ The 2021 14-Inch MacBook Pro https://t.co/AwR4ehM6Nc
People are going to wish they were lucky enough to buy #Bitcoin in the $60k range soon. https://t.co/vVzVcV3Cv7
The wealth tax: an idea so bad that even 9 countries in Europe have abandoned it in the last few decades.
“Unrealized capital gains” is not a thing; do not normalize it. Call it out for what they are proposing: unlawful s… https://t.co/nfiUaqs0WS
Man Holding Up a Baby as Though He Were Drinking from a Bottle, 1921 #salvadordali #cloisonnism https://t.co/tIBScFpfWV
The second season of The World According to Jeff Goldblum looks even more eccentric and insightful than the first. https://t.co/gAmfI5byXf
imagine adam smith reading this sentence https://t.co/bVnEi2i26M
It’s not out . But Thundercats on it 🤍 https://t.co/Zeh1Xqal1P
Do all traditional religions have a core notion of surrender as a central tenet? 🤔 Islam and Christianity do but I’m not sure of the rest.
Conceptual frameworks are like programming languages. Most ideas can be expressed in all of them (and often are). S… https://t.co/kMLIP48tJd
Feminist application of Bitcoin: Domestic violence organizations providing each Survivor with a Bitcoin wallet
it looks like they're going to be be taxing unrealized capital gains in *liquid* assets. at 6,170 degrees farenhei… https://t.co/tKiQymi5It
Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, apparently, has fallen for the idea that it's important for the "right" peop… https://t.co/wOohZBoNsr
Gitmo still hasn’t been shut down. https://t.co/b2cfy1XC1H
Watching these signs slowly evolve at my grocery store — some employee is learning UI design in real time https://t.co/W3h12ENGz1
This is unironically all I hear from 'big accounts' on here https://t.co/1Icf0NKYle
Its sweet doing nothing, 1879 #waterhouse #romanticism https://t.co/bPGVaZaSiC
When @jack tweets about hyperinflation (dollar going to 0), journalists & blue checks freak out, calling it "danger… https://t.co/zOC8JK1KNQ