Just rewatched Jurassic Park and it hits totally different from a critical rationalist perspective. The whole movie is based on the “humans aren’t smarter than evolution/nature” idea…but then the “good” humans defeat the nature? I say do Jurassic Park, but make it open source. https://t.co/DFfShFOX5B
Common thing in Japan, people project whatever they think Americans are like onto me (even though I’ve been here for 10 years now). Someone (who is, I’ll call, anti-tax curious) was like, “He doesn’t seem like the kind of person who /would/ be (pro-vaccine).” Weird.
It’s more of a hobby to study anyway, really. Accountability is obfuscated and LDP can stay in power forever. https://t.co/OQ15cNxKhP https://t.co/7Ar7lUXmDg
Which sport is more dangerous for your long term health:
♻️ Rails 7.0 Alpha 1: New JavaScript Answers, At-Work Encryption, Query Origin Logging, Zeitwerk Exclusively https://t.co/P6kq1baB…
♻️ It's crazy that with an iPhone, a little Starlink antenna, and a solar power unit, you could live in an isolated cave in th…
Apparently, based on Googling, the answer appears to be American Footballer (53~59) to Sumos (60~65).
See also: https://t.co/7ZKcP9dzXh (re: “Principle of Mediocrity”) https://t.co/oP3yMAC3sK
“Frankenstein” is actually just a metaphor for a regular human teenager. I mean, it’s super obvious in Tim Burton’s childhood projection Edward Scissorhands. “Principle of Mediocrity” leads to ageism (child hate).
Related: “ubasute” https://t.co/WSycKnLnSP Movie on the subject (wrote a paper on this in college): The Ballad of Narayama https://t.co/Mya3phd4Bh (There are actually multiple versions of this film)
@fiatjaf @mrcoolbp Top one is the best one, infinite possibilities. Plus other things possibly we haven’t discovered yet that we can do to the base layer/consensus model. Keep on thinking.
@Ben_deWaal @fiatjaf Hope the blocks are still full in a hundred years though, else the consensus model breaks.
@Ben_deWaal @fiatjaf Whoa, any documentation on this?
@fiatjaf All of the above and more? 🤷‍♂️
@HirokoTabuchi Carbon capture (sequestration and storage) is better than decarbonizing, and doesn’t punish emerging economy middle classes. You can also put your money where your mouth is and invest in startups and companies thinking creatively to solve this problem. Can’t with decarbonization.
@ChorleyCake @HirokoTabuchi So far
♻️ A student at the University of Oxford was celebrated in the world of science photography in 2018 for capturing a single,…
♻️ Many people underestimate the likelihood of this Supreme Court filling gaps in the federal securities laws by limiting (no…
♻️ You can now bring broken ceramics to MUJI Shinjuku, which has a new kintsugi outpost. They'll give you a quote and the…
This is a bad, easy-to-vary, explanation for why one should get a vaccine: “because we’ve forced people to do it for a long time already.” A good explanation would would at least mention the logic from the Supreme Court case. https://t.co/JKTKDFMQ6H
@chrishoweareyou Weird dude. Was it like a “oh this is on (insert platform), haven’t seen that for a minute, let’s watch it,” thing or like an actively seeking out thing. Ours was the former, but weird coincidence either way.
Interestingly enough, the NYTimes TOR site (onion address as they’re called for the uninitiated), has no paywall. (Have to use a TOR browser to open this link, and it is super slow) https://t.co/VUGOVyMlme
A search engine that favors text-heavy sites and punishes modern web design https://t.co/fDvDgD1A2m
Arrows. Arrows everywhere. https://t.co/xVsqR4XAuP
Pleaes watch our new short doc "Living While Black in Japan" - how African Americans experience issues of race diff… https://t.co/WwOitRnVaC
Here's where Kono and others stood on the issue of same-sex marriage issue back in 2017. At the time, Kono answered… https://t.co/TCeOsIaj4P
"I agree with both," Kono said of same-sex marriage and allowing husbands and wives to have separate surnames. "Whe… https://t.co/FntZtjuH9Q
A year after Abe's departure, Kono Taro, the leading PM contender, says he supports both same-sex marriage and marr… https://t.co/aweqju5Cyp
@ns123abc “The Optimism Fractal”.
The Knowledge Ratchet: problem solving leads to progress leads to better technology leads to better problem solving… https://t.co/8ZeWNiI7N7
One step closer to Jurassic Park. https://t.co/xXvdK9q3QL
China topped the list with 40.3% of 6G patent filings, followed by the U.S. with 35.2%. Japan ranked third with 9.9… https://t.co/PuS46M8XWI
@codybaldwin @fiatjaf Anything beyond that, I don’t know of any specific documentation yet but it conceptually work… https://t.co/sonM0XYnyk
@codybaldwin @fiatjaf The simplest and most likely first version of this type of thing is called “channel factories… https://t.co/iQxLeee7ba
@codybaldwin @HirokoTabuchi Sadly CCS doesn't have a great track record so far does it? Tax breaks seem to mainly e… https://t.co/VP8iFmQAoL
The modern secular religion casts humanity as the devil and the state as the savior.
Food prices will go up because there's a lack of wind in the UK, and that's causing power prices to jump, and that'… https://t.co/OoUN4fGVf7
Millennials are buying material things because they’re bored of experiences
Based. https://t.co/qj4TL1Fg4O
It is almost October innit https://t.co/7b3jwpkMnN
Laos 🇱🇦 to allow firms to mine and trade #Bitcoin With hydropower potential of 26.5 Gigawatts, Laos is one of the… https://t.co/ssLO8YltA8
Perhaps The Ultimate Meme Shift From Bloomberg…Nuclear Turns Green… https://t.co/6N0kFFG8P2
@APompliano Inventors and engineers are better equipped to build positively impactful solutions than, let’s say, central bankers.
It costs like 30 cents, btw.
We are so early. https://t.co/Vsld5jj4yk
‘Extremely serious’: Japan says flotilla of gun-equipped Chinese ships appeared near Senkakus https://t.co/mM4a6XyccH
Mainichi has an English version of a report on the unsettling new "Attack on Titan" bin, installed outside JR Oita… https://t.co/KUVLkn48aQ
Elon Musk is out here launching civilians into space and some of you think the government can solve our problems be… https://t.co/9IAWLacIuT
@crit_rat I guess it would be empiricism to draw any such conclusion. Maybe it’s cellular level conjecture? In wh… https://t.co/vV06a8WgL3
It looks fascinating but also … inefficient? https://t.co/1BThKfzxWr
I finally got a paper copy of Polished Ruby Programming! https://t.co/jxchJLWTE7 The book is currently 20% off, for… https://t.co/K1r3l8QQ2A
If you still think that governments can stop or kill #bitcoin, you probably need to keep studying.
Everyone chime in with your favorite ticker symbol; mine is FIZZ (LaCroix parent company) https://t.co/O0MC8cvltR
A student at the University of Oxford was celebrated in the world of science photography in 2018 for capturing a si… https://t.co/q57NKS7EUA
NEW: The hack of web hosting company Epik has revealed the names behind some of the most notorious far-right sites.… https://t.co/dOC6FufR1I
Being a machine learning researcher must be weird, it’s all, what if this idea I currently have can do better than… https://t.co/yd7rsJHRTF
"X is rich" discourse is so so bad because it forgets the global poor. Every single person reading this tweet is ri… https://t.co/yOptjeJlkz
how are these fucking things legal jesus christ https://t.co/bTFiPClUlq
This just came to me https://t.co/0Ko3fWc9eC
I AM OFFICIALLY DEBT FREE Seriously never thought a hobby I started to hide from the pain would ever be my escape… https://t.co/SD0KJvfD8Z
@jchervinsky @cmsholdings Wen repeal the BSA? 🤞
I still and only intend to hold #bitcoin. Calling everything else a scam is a tired war which I don't think helps… https://t.co/Cf3lSO4kDo
I tend to think of #bitcoin and crypto as quite different things: - #bitcoin as unstoppable sound money - crypto as… https://t.co/vdgaPHjXk0
This is a great piece from @jamespoulos, the best on crypto that @nytimes has run in a long time. I hope folks in g… https://t.co/DFgItkVncc
BREAKING: Laos, a country with a surplus of clean renewable energy, just authorized the mining and trading of crypt… https://t.co/SN3o8HyEiV
Few will internalize this. https://t.co/vxO6wnqFD2
@steveklabnik Victim blaming: pouch edition
incredibly dystopian https://t.co/TUR2bWDiNl
@codybaldwin What the hell I literally watched Jurassic park yesterday
The funding levels in VC are getting amazingly close to making the plot of Metalocalypse* realistic. The over under… https://t.co/GutukFhmTU
I don’t really- https://t.co/ec0GpNayKL
@jack https://t.co/MfeoXJbyhG
@codybaldwin Legitimately security conscious... bless the devs.
#StatueOfSatoshi https://t.co/dHr7S7CFlv
World’s first #SatoshiNakamoto statue was unveiled today in Budapest, Hungary. #bitcoin #wgmi https://t.co/unezE4ilZJ
China’s formally submitted its application to join the CPTPP trade deal. Somewhat quicker than I expected, consider… https://t.co/C9OuemQpZC
My latest: Many Weibo users have been muzzled or had their accounts deleted after sharing posts about the trial of… https://t.co/CehWRIk8Cb
Random #TurnTable time! *From AKRALYA* https://t.co/krUqjKhg3f
That time when a tortoise opened a university science lab [full story: https://t.co/O0BzFUK2D4] https://t.co/uDaRVI2Zzg
Sixteenth of September, 1956 #belgianart #magritte https://t.co/pazSmfFxb0
There's something inspiring about a wall of #Bitcoin miners. They give us the first tangible glimpse into what the… https://t.co/VsNSbbGF1D
The Hunter, 1924 #miro #automaticpainting https://t.co/AwTu2xg3lL