@vgr I dunno if I buy that “no empires left to aspire” bit. https://t.co/JbvGBTjm0q
@vgr Also we won’t need to invade. The attacked our “oppressive” free market economy, within which their values are fairly priced at 0 (eg subjugating women b/c “nature” and “God”). Anonymous global free markets are real & aren’t going anywhere (tho “serious” economists deny them).
“Engaged means on task, on task means obedient.” Engagement (in school or otherwise) is busy work. https://t.co/TkPyhjVowA
♻️ It's official - Japan has fully vaccinated more than 50% of the entire population. 💉㊗️🎆 Proportion with at least one dos…
This is why the American olympians all wear headphones. This is why Rodney Mullen is a better skateboarder than Tony Hawk, but not as good at business (which is great too). Only the facts.
Skateboarding is a form of dance
@dave_universetf @JaimieMurdock See also: https://t.co/Jmr9YpMzEm
@dave_universetf @JaimieMurdock This “janky payment system,” is the first global anonymous free market. It is literally the vanguard of human progress. Estimating the price in energy and dollars is one thing, but knowing the universal value of a global network with a built in tradition of criticism is another.
♻️ Untitled by Harry Bertoia, 1938 https://t.co/b3LVsVJzVy #guggenheim #guggenheimart https://t.co/3s18O1pJrl
@TheVladCostea @dave_universetf @JaimieMurdock I was careful not to use second person plurals, was open to an honest discussion, and he still blocked me. I think there are still so many people, that I think are very smart, that are on the outside looking in because they are pessimistic about what humans are capable of.
♻️ Bitcoin Core 22.0 was released! It is available from https://t.co/WpMuMaejz1 Release mail: https://t.co/ZvZKXZ0iLD
@zuuchinook Mann wish we could see this so bad. Pumped to hear they’re playing together again! ❤️ ❤️ https://t.co/cM8xxT8oNq
♻️ The Lightning Network now has 2,488 BTC in over 73,000 channels ⚡️ #Bitcoin is scaling. https://t.co/VfcNSPcYnZ
https://t.co/mEc1PEMbyV If a new plant wants to guarantee energy use, Bitcoin can help. Many more plants coming online on 2022 to 2025. Micro-nuclear picking up. I bought some Uranium stocks, too (after learning about the Sprott Trust) Halfway there on this prediction, IMO. https://t.co/N6wOz57lJL
The Incomplete History of Bitcoin Development https://t.co/bkfSLdcZCq
@codybaldwin @dave_universetf @JaimieMurdock I also got blocked. Meh.
@codybaldwin @dave_universetf @JaimieMurdock They're still in the "this is scandalous, it shouldn't exist because I… https://t.co/YsL0WBQnKz
@codybaldwin @JaimieMurdock 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Share me your best ideas for getting #Bitcoin adopted in Afghanistan.
But an even more intense industry (at least in Japan)? TV. My husband has worked 22 hour days. Literally 6am-4am. T… https://t.co/6Fk7iGvviT
It's official - Japan has fully vaccinated more than 50% of the entire population. 💉㊗️🎆 Proportion with at least o… https://t.co/5lQ8trgwOe
Important story on how if Bukele gets his way, no former military leaders may ever be held accountable for the stag… https://t.co/QsB85Mt2Tr
The Eye of God, over 100 hours of exposure on a dying star similar to our very own Sun by Idontlikecock https://t.co/Pa9a5CoUjM
TBS「ひるおび」。 https://t.co/l3KdAVfEAA
🧐 https://t.co/zfKr2vnm3F
You think Arbitrum rugs are bad, check out this rugging happening in real estate mkt Soho China down 40% after Bla… https://t.co/eAOPNB45Zk
What looks like a water flower, reveals how an octopus is actually born [source and full story:… https://t.co/FlZtcLt1yz
clone the mammoths, give them to spain, in ten years we will have a whole new kind of tapas https://t.co/gevowmtVyi
What is hidden in the heart of our galaxy? The story of our supermassive black hole Image credit: LIGO/CALTECH/MIT/… https://t.co/u6ByO8frEi
Often "our economy uses a lot of X" gets carelessly translated to "our economy *depends* on X" or "our economy is *… https://t.co/z3fDL5JPkr
Once again, a fantastic post from @dkedrosky “You can’t blow glass, make bricks, or refine sugar without heat. Yet… https://t.co/3bNYL8VkvV
This DIY drone seen in this video from channel Quadmovr is so fast that many expert feared it was fake, but it's no… https://t.co/tKuM6wA7Vd
As usual, Amazon has a slippery grip on my daily essentials https://t.co/J89P8TdhrB
first full band show back. outdoors at @TheChapelSF this thursday – tickets on sale tomorrow at 10am pt ⛪️… https://t.co/Wre8GbkCHd
Bitcoin Core 22.0 was released! It is available from https://t.co/WpMuMaejz1 Release mail: https://t.co/ZvZKXZ0iLD
@prestonjbyrne one of the first things we published https://t.co/1pyJlnfaWy https://t.co/oWTFj1mSCK
New #LightningNetwork visualizer: https://t.co/UKChD9jyPv https://t.co/grYJIsZcM1
we put a bunch of these around city hall where they're planning to have an anti-vax protest https://t.co/5cSMR5y9hy
“To lose the power of confrontation is to lose the power of unity” - Matthew McConaughey, Greenlights
The Lightning Network now has 2,488 BTC in over 73,000 channels ⚡️ #Bitcoin is scaling. https://t.co/VfcNSPcYnZ
Did someone say something about a Gala? https://t.co/Bgf1IOvbrh
Let’s make democracy popular again. Let’s silence dictators. Want to join us?
293, 1913 #vasilykandinsky #abstractart https://t.co/JN7gWIhsl3
“Crypto is already regulated” should be our industry’s new mantra
📺DEBUT: 'Pee-Wee's Playhouse' premiered 35 years ago today, September 13, 1986, on CBS https://t.co/LkJa6aKiNG
"I recently accepted an offer from Northwestern Mutual. I came to the U.S when I was 14 years old from a war-torn… https://t.co/GyGkr2zcTu
The amount of Liquid #Bitcoin on-chain has been in structural decline since the March 2020 market crash. This unde… https://t.co/5FNx9aBgAV
BIG NEWS: Do you own an Apple product? UPDATE IT NOW. New zero-click NSO Group #Pegasus spyware has been infecting… https://t.co/Wgc6pgd4SL
Looking to raise a seed for SN over the next couple of months. If you know of anyone I should talk to (wrt guidance… https://t.co/f3sy81PChZ
Nuestros equipos técnicos han estado trabajando arduamente estos últimos días 🤓💻📱💆🏿💆🏻‍♂️ Muchos ya se habrán dado… https://t.co/trWsnkucDO
Luxembourg based P. Adams Schwertransporte, who specialize in the transport of heavy items, revealed striking photo… https://t.co/dD3PmzhHVr
Trees have an underground communication system driven by fungal networks. "Mother trees" pass on information for be… https://t.co/W5d72pUref
This funny paper toy is actually from the Japanese Edo Period (1615–1868) and it's animated by placing it against a… https://t.co/SEf9XZIwud
Remote Work Rate in Japan Down from May 2020 Peak https://t.co/yPT5gSxKAS
In our modern world, there is such a thing as a license to launder money: it is called a banking license.
easily the best reporting on delivery workers i've read in years. only a handful of pieces bother centering workers… https://t.co/g6gMP42LTT
JUST IN - NY Federal Reserve now sees inflation at 5.2% in one year, 4% in three years; a series high with "large e… https://t.co/CNYDYPb72w
Hadn't realized how deeply negative it had gotten. https://t.co/ReuGOcCGWt
@Gfilche Also, we need to figure out how to render voxel height of unknown objects in a way that isn’t horrendous
@Gfilche FSD 10 predicts height from video pixels directly, without needing to classify groups of pixels into objec… https://t.co/Eb7tzHS2Yc
FSD V10 Monorail Test SUCCESS ✅💯 $TSLA @elonmusk https://t.co/yQHprwOfDa