Instead of living every day like it’s your last (carpe diem), you should rationalize the opposite way: Live every day like you’re going to live forever.
♻️ Nice summary👍A few more points: - eCash *can* theoretically support flexible denominations (it doesn't currently) - eCash…
Are you ready to go straight to video https://t.co/F1J05Ao8J2
Many chemical reactions release heat. These reactions are also called exothermic reactions. With the help of an inf… https://t.co/f9lbRBU7t2
Partial Solar eclipse time-lapse by j3ffr https://t.co/TL8mq56jjp
Take an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal https://t.co/8JtWzFNYzp https://t.co/aHtkczGjZJ
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If Congress actually passes something on the order of $500 billion of climate spending… it’s going to be a very big… https://t.co/QA7iWlSKf7
@BobMcElrath @Sureshsinghn Well you just can't 100% mitigate it for eCash. Audited open source helps, and trusted h… https://t.co/LMrrwUx7sJ