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  • This is a private invite-only instance. So, obviously, no tracking.
  • And of course all your data is yours.
  • No moderation unless proven necessary.
    (see rules: there have already been blocked instances.)


  • Respect everyone (No abuse, hatespeech, harassment.)
  • No spam
  • No NSFW without an appropriate Content-Warning.
  • No Illegal content
  • No advertising (mostly this is for the instance end, i.e. we will not advertise to you)
  • No tracking

Behind the Curtain

This is operated and administered by @mu, but the backend is maintained by https://mastodon.social/@mastohost. This means the security here is as good as @mastohost and @mu. Only post private content that you would trust with these administrators. Don't hesitate to contact the admin if there are any questions or issues.