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Ok, is the PPT real and still a thing or is it a conspiracy theory?

There is no entropy greater than creating another human being

No hunan has touched the earth here since the great liftoff. Hover-met urban planning split voters three dimensionally. Modifying stratospheric micro-time-zones in relation to the streaming satellites added a fourth dimension of control.

I cannot even with this. Holy shit. Every FED chair just admitted that the FED was never Independent, the question is can it even be independent?

Can we make this global economic crisis the 30-50 hogs day?

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"How today’s global warming is unlike the last 2,000 years of climate shifts."

Excerpt : " Temperatures across 98 percent of Earth’s surface were hotter at the end of the 20th century than at any time in the previous 2,000 years."

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#ClimateEmergency #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #Environment #Science

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" Is Amazon a monopoly?

Sally Hubbard: Yes, monopoly power is defined as the power to control prices or exclude competition. Amazon has the power to do both. But being a monopoly on its own is not illegal under the antitrust laws. Illegal monopolization requires both 1) monopoly power and 2) that the firm acquired, enhanced, or maintained that power by using exclusionary conduct. "

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