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"It’s asking companies to pay $10 million to operate a node that can validate transactions made with its cryptocurrency in exchange for a say in governance of the token. It’s possible that node operators could benefit financially too."

Welcome to plutocracy. Make your bets and wait for June 19th.

Alright, I think Apple has actually beat the competition here. The anonymous e-mail relay utility is the most private of any of the big tech giants. Very pro this. Still don't need an Apple credit card, though...Next up, anti-trust lawsuits incoming!?

I think I'd pay to have the like/fav button removed in every app that has one.

My account just posts pictures of sega sandwiches now. This is portable sandwich

This is pretty terrifying. The Nankai Trough is do for an earthquake and there are two reactors right next to each other basically on the fault line. Less than 200k from our house....

Takahama Nuclear Power Plant
1 Tanoura, Takahama, Ōi-gun, Fukui 919-2362

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I've been watching too much Chernobyl. Thanks for the nightmare fuel, as always, HBO :)!

“Asking what came before the Big Bang is meaningless, according to the no-boundary proposal, because there is no notion of time available to refer to. It would be like asking what lies south of the South Pole.”

“We didn’t have birds in the very early universe; we have birds later on. … We didn’t have time in the early universe, but we have time later on.”

In case you want to start a small business and do the accounting yourself.

"We propose to implement, on a large scale, marine-based artificial islands, on which solar or wind energy powers the production of hydrogen and the extraction of CO2 from seawater and where these gases are catalytically reacted to yield liquid methanol fuel."

The future is rural

"How much of our climate change problem could be reduced by not forcing so many people to drive into cities to show up at offices (that all need to be lit, heated, and cooled)? What would our cities and roads look like if even 1% of companies went remote-first?"

"When we're looking for solutions to complex problems, we often find that nature has already done the job far more elegantly and efficiently," he said.

"Understanding how tiny bee brains manage information opens paths to bio-inspired solutions that use a fraction of the power of conventional processing systems."

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