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Besides Design Ah on NHK E (and a few other shows), honestly Japanese television program is really lacking. Time to, uh, acquire every episode of Sesame Street on my Plex server.

"If we define beauty as simplicity, then the universe is far from beautiful."

Czarface and Ghostface kinda afternoon

"every hero gotta have a villian"

Got a hangnail or what not that keeps peeling back and hurting you. Just super glue it down! Tested: Tried and true.

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Oh also found a bat at work today above the door on the inside. If it's still there tomorrow what do you do about that sort of thing, b/c we can't be having bats in the office?

It's like, mice have strong teeth so your top row teeth go under the house b/c that way you get mouse teeth, duh. Juice can not remember why you throw your lower row teeth on top of the house.

โ€ชIn Japan there's no tooth fairy. You've got to take the tooth and throw it over the house. I forget why. Will look it up post haste. Choices choices. Money for body stuff or throwing teeth on the roof? Hello, and Welcome to my internet poll, โ€ฌ

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Wonder what would happen if E.Warren became president and forced Amazon (etc) to break into smaller companies. I wonder what kind of impact it would have on the cloud.

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