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Man it is insane that kids learn about these memes who have ridden their way to the top of social history on projected identity in grade school. How about, like, the world wide web consortium. How about, like, TCP/UDP and IP, how about CERN. How about, like, Turing? I mean, not Hitler, not Leni Riefenstahl but Eadweard Muybridge. Not Trump, not Matt Oczkowski but MySQL AB. Not George Washington, not Columbus but Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi. etcetc.

But no, we just get the "BIG" A->B->C names

IF we ARE the only intelligent life (or even VERY VERY rare configurations of atoms) in the universe what does that mean about how we conduct ourselves?

And holy shit, the 13 billion years thing. Just 5000 years of the human species as a civilization and we've already sent objects outside of our solar system. Imagine if we could survive as a species a million years, 200 times what we have now.

Hooooly shit, finally got to the point in Rails app where I want to start automating some of the office gruntwork and discovered Mechanize (

Life hack (if youโ€™re someone who wears boots everyday like myself): you can make any pants boot cut by just tucking the pant bottoms into your socks.

When I'm finished with a bag of coffee beans sometimes I just squeeze the air from the bag to my nose a couple times.

This is uh, complicated nuance and layered and take a really long time, lol.

Achievement Unlocked:

Catan: Seafarers (Fog Island) with Cities and Knights. Plus we only have the Japanese versions of these games.


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Our consciousness perceives is a simulation generated by the brain that can easily drift from reality as seen in this illusion.

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