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Well time to watch old "got milk"-like commercials I guess

mastodon is not just a server (and why that's not necessarily a good thing) by @kity

The post is about the current trend of having "specialized" AP servers rather than the dream of general, extensible ones where you can swap out frontends using the client-to-server API. Happy to hear more people talking and thinking about this!

♬Virtual insanity is what we're loving innnnnn♫

@mu PLUS Yaeji! Basically the coolest. And of course our beloved Toro Y Moi. We love the drummer Andy.

IsamʻOumuamua イサモアモア, Isamusaurus イサムザウルス. Working pet names for the kid.

Saving capitalism from the capitalists

*Something is afoot!*
"Heroku, run logs -t!"

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