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Well time to watch old "got milk"-like commercials I guess

mastodon is not just a server (and why that's not necessarily a good thing) by @kity

The post is about the current trend of having "specialized" AP servers rather than the dream of general, extensible ones where you can swap out frontends using the client-to-server API. Happy to hear more people talking and thinking about this!

♬Virtual insanity is what we're loving innnnnn♫

@mu PLUS Yaeji! Basically the coolest. And of course our beloved Toro Y Moi. We love the drummer Andy.

IsamʻOumuamua イサモアモア, Isamusaurus イサムザウルス. Working pet names for the kid.

Oh fuck Thom Yorke's coming to Fuji Rock. Mannnn

Saving capitalism from the capitalists

Frank's Red Hot and Shiso Leaf Salmon

*Something is afoot!*
"Heroku, run logs -t!"

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