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@mu If I leave I get guilt tripped by the whole family and all our employees, forever. If I don't then I miss out on real emotions real feeling and moments with my child. What a curse this is. Can't believe the boss wants to wish this on our child, too.

Sorry you're my therapist today, I'll probably be feeling good again in like a week.

No paternal vacation in Japan. At least not at our company. Fuck this shit. No one cares, man. No one cares. It's just about the fucking GDP. Make that money for your family and future. 12 hours a day for eternity, fuccckkk me. America, from what I hear, ain't much better. Though I never had a salaried job there. But that's neither here nor there.

I'd like to see a more socially oriented Star Trek where they deal with things happening on the Federation-wide subspace internet, holo-addiction, transporter phobia and rejecting replicated food because of new-new-age reasons.

At work like 2 hours early on accident, time to dick around!

It's quiet hosting your own node. Let's see if adding some relays can liven up the federated timeline a bit.

There goes "cool Japan," going to be interesting to see how Japan tried to control social media as all these foreign workers realize they're just being used to prop up the economy and they have no real power or rights.

Fears of exploitation as Japan prepares to admit foreign workers | World news | The Guardian

Flex of cosmic dust that knows it's cosmic dust

I seem to recall some statistics about the fediverse’s hosting providers but can’t find the link.

Does anyone have it? Either by company or AS would work for me, datacenter location a bonus

Loves me some UnChained. Laura Shin does some great work, honestly. A must listen for anyone who's interested in the future of money and utility--I've learned a lot by hearing people argue for all kinds of things.

Love these regular-folk predictions as well, lol. Reminds me of Art Bell.

What we call a year is measured from equinox to equinox and known as the tropical year. It is 365.242189 days long. Our Gregorian calendar averages 365.365.2425 days so our calendar will drift over time. The sidereal year (fixed star to fixed star) is 365.256363 days. The year can also be measured by the Earth's perihelion. The perihelion to perihelion year is called the anomalistic year and is 365.259636 days.

Sitting at a bookstore, looking at all the books. Damn, a lot of people got their shit together and wrote some books

Bandersnatch, it seemed pretty true to form. Reminded me of being unsatisfied with a Goosebumps choose-your-own ending thing.

Its name is Public Opinion. It is held in reverence. It settles everything.
Some think it is the voice of God.
-- Mark Twain

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