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you might be thinking "what is this pleroma you speak of"

well you see, the fediverse is made out of many different servers running different kind of software that is (for the most part) all compatible together, for example i am posting this from a pleroma instance even though on mastodon this post appears identical to every other post, no matter what software the origin server is running.

Pleroma is a microblogging platform similar to mastodon with a greater focus on self-deployment and smaller communities

Try it out today!

FYI there are porn apps in the app store, at least in Japan anyway. Like one of the most famous porn companies in Japan has a porn app in the app store, it's not advertised that way, but it's there.

AFAIK the so called Tumblr migration is because of their NSFW content. Like yes, there are art stuff involved, at the same time though, I have seen porn/nsfw there for innocent search terms like "italian" or some other country.

The NSFW crap I've seen has also been spam bots / porny spam bots also.

AFAIK, instead of putting in human resources to moderate content (ie who is paying the moderators and where are they from?) they just went with an outright ban and set rules on what to ban and I don't judge them harshly on it.

(and for some toot that I came across to DoS / annoy Tumblr Support, being an ass to Support people is not going to help and lol at trying to 'DoS' Tumblr)

りり子 ⇉ 深夜食堂

Microsoft may ditch Edge and build a browser based on Chromium's engine.

That seems to make all kinds of sense to me.

"Project Anaheim" -

深夜食堂 but like I'd got there for breakfast cuz it's open till 7. So make me some french toast and I'll tell you about oysters

Ohhhh I get it. Sick Note is just Breaking Bad but, like, backwards

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