Interesting cool thing about Japan: I don't think Face ID will succeed here. First, makeup, Juice's new phone already gets fucked between make up and make off times. Also, face masks. I wear them, if you lived here you'd wear them, and it's ubiquitous enough to render face ID stuff in public useless and in private inconvenient.

Try not to do product placement, but hot damn these things pack a PUNCH

Daikon oroshi with some UDONNNNN, For the win!

Bring on the long days. Bring on the endless fiddling. Bring on the hot fumbling and humid befuddling. Bring on the melting and muddling. Bring on the summer. Bring it. I'm ready. We're ready!

Reverse emulation on a NES -- uses a Raspberry Pi to run a SNES emulator that drives the NES PPU to render the display. Technical challenges notwithstanding, I'm really surprised at the results achieved.

Been eating a lot of snacks and frozen food when we don't have time to cook. We finally have some free time to make food and, DAMN nikujaga really hits the spot. It's the best Japanese soul food by far.

Watching Notre-Dame burn is so depressing... 😔

Does anyone I know in the US like Stranger Things? I have a free gift for you (just DM me your address). [I can't ship it to Japan so it's just gonna sit in a warehouse unless I send it stateside]

Wild, just saw this dude from college, Graham Skinner, on the YouTube feed for Coachella (at Khruangbin). Weird world

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