Try not to do product placement, but hot damn these things pack a PUNCH

I gotta me a new camera so expect more high quality pix. Here's the Misaki Sakura yesterday at sunrise.

Just finished watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse with Juice and the kid. It is by far the best spider-man movie ever made, the most true to the spirit and feeling of the comics. ❤️❤️❤️

Renaming the year on April Fools, eh? Just a few minutes away from the announcement.

Happy day before the new Japaneae year naming day. Sometimes it only happens once in a lifetime.

Little One and I picked some flowers for Juice today.

Digging some Kon Ichikawa this evening with the kid and Juice

Happy Pi Day!

This is actually from a few days ago, peaches (leftover preserves from my sister in Utah), and fresh rhubarb from the garden.

Hooooly shit, finally got to the point in Rails app where I want to start automating some of the office gruntwork and discovered Mechanize (

This is uh, complicated nuance and layered and take a really long time, lol.

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