That moment when you realize "Game of Thrones" was just "The Sword in the Stone."

And the Lord said, "let there be Mint Chocolate Black Thunder." And there was. And that was enough.

So it looks like the next emperor should be a woman, which hasnโ€™t happened since the year 770. And in the Meiji era they actually wrote the prohibition of female emperors into law, lol. On one hand, monarchy is so stupid. But on the other hand, making a woman a god-like ruler in such a patriarchal society would be cool. That, or they just mess up the succession. Anyway, weโ€™ll have to wait and see for another 20 or 30 years. By then maybe we wonโ€™t need monarchy anymore?

Try not to do product placement, but hot damn these things pack a PUNCH

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