Sueprised this is just a Mormon thing, basically the whole singularity idea is super religious anyway—seems logical to combine the two so the things that don’t make sense have an explanation in our current understanding of things (or lack of understanding of things).

Kotatsu SUP. For when you wanna have a picnic in the winter in the middle of a lake or River or something. Feel like you'll be pretty busy paddling most of the time, hard to enjoy the kotatsu, no?

Shochu chocolates. Did not even know such a beautiful thing existed. They are quite choice.

Oh fuck Thom Yorke's coming to Fuji Rock. Mannnn

Fuck off, what drugs are in these, why are these so addictive!?!?!?!?!?

Oh hey, how's that Cold War 2 thing looking for ya NYT?

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