Besides Design Ah on NHK E (and a few other shows), honestly Japanese television program is really lacking. Time to, uh, acquire every episode of Sesame Street on my Plex server.

And, wow. First episode we watched: Season 35 Ep 1. SO GOOD. Alan the Bodega owner goes on vacation to Hawaii and hires Natalie Portman to run the shop while she's gone!


Also, featuring Venus William! Count's number of the day: 17 (a badass prime number, no less ;). Theme is: change (is good)! So damn good.

Usually fell asleep during the Elmo's world part but the theme was bugs which is also awesome. Ernie's Twidlebugs make an appearance as well. Aaannnd, before the credits Grouch reads the Trash Gordon to Slimey where he goes to planet Gorgonzola! Classic.

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