"This whole idea of terraforming Mars, as respectful as I can be, are you guys high?"

Bwhahahaha, God I love Bill Nye.

Seriously, you think you're gonna fix Mars when we're about to wipe out most of our population here on Earth over the next couple hundred years. Give. Me. A. Break.

@mu You know the stories about bitcoin using as much energy as Denmark?

Basically SpaceX rockets may be cheaper, but they're not necessarily that much more energy efficient.

I mean, you could have said bitcoin PoW is inefficient, but not really get the impact.. We really must wander what we're getting out of rocket launches..

That said, what SpaceX is doing now is not that big overall, and maybe displacing competing systems a bit aswel?..

@mu now i realize, i do like rockets, i just don't like how they're considered and this whole silly "escape to Mars" subtext.

@jasper Exactly, it's all about the rhetoric. If it was "research on Mars assuming we're also taking care of the planet we have already" I'd be more enthusiastic about it.

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