I think of the best toots at work, but I can't toot them and then I forget them. Deep gems. Lost in time, sigh.

My sentiments exactly. Capitalism (in its current state) will only hinder the goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050. Even if that goal gets reaches human civilization will still be tested by massive economic collapse and massive climate fueled refugee migration.



On behalf of an .... entity.... as opposed to a... human? O_O

@ram Better late than never. 😁

#TZAG = TimeZone Appropriate Greeting. A way to greet others located in different timezones.

#TZAF = TimeZone Appropriate Farewell. Same idea as TZAG, but for when saying goodbye.

It's a holdover from when I used to be on Identica years ago. Since others might be in a timezone where the period of day would be different from mine, I use those along with my usual greeting.

Marie Kondo Decides Not To Throw You Away [ASMR]

There are two types of people, people who love Paula Poundstone and people who think Paula Poundstone is amazing and both.

"hyper-aggressive pacifists"
why are you like this

There are two types of people in this world, they're liminal.

There are two types of people in this world, people who take a complicated nuanced topic they are passionate about and over-simplify/generalize it for the masses regardless of the long-term cultural/societal/intellectual impact, and those who don't.

There are two types of people or more in this world

There are two types of people in this world mastado's and mastadont's

I did this stupid (9k) scholarship essay in college, to try and offset my loans. The prompt was "there are two kinds of people in the world." I didn't get the stupid scholarship, probably for the best because that writing prompt pissed me off so much. I STILL think about that meme-y clickbait essay prompt TO THIS DAY. So it's time to shitpost it.

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